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I’m delighted to have you as part of our passive income community. I created this site to help people like you make a passive income like my own, so that you too can enjoy the freedom of working when and where you choose.

I spent years working in conventional businesses where I traded time for money, and spent most of my time doing things I didn’t actually want to do, simply to earn my living.

In 2009, that all changed as the passive income I had been quietly building up over the last couple of years, took off. In fact, it fairly quickly exceeded the income I was making from working 50+ hours per week, and if I took a  week off, it still continued just the same.

I could no longer afford to keep working on things that only paid me once — it was a waste of my time, when I could be concentrating on building a residual income that continued well after I’d done the work to create it.

So in 2009, I closed my agency and have lived off passive income ever since.

My definition of passive income

Some people will tell you there’s no such thing as passive income. Well I’m here to tell you there is! Although it might be more accurately called residual income.

Passive income in my terms is income that persists after you have done the work to create it.

There is no such thing as passive income with no work (and that’s what people are getting at really when they say there is no such thing), but it is possible to create income that continues after you’ve done the work, and which no longer requires your real-time input.

What we are concerned with in this blog, is really creating freedom. The freedom to work when and where (and if!) you choose, without your income being directly coupled to the time you spend working.

It usually takes quite a lot of work to create the sort of passive income I’m talking about, but then, if we’ve done it right, it will continue with only the minimal amount of work required to maintain it.

In this blog, I have also added a couple of additional criteria to my definition of passive income — that it doesn’t require any significant financial investment to start, and that it happens online through automated systems, relieving you of the need to be ‘present’ in real-time.

How to get started

The following resources will help you to get started creating your own passive income streams:

What is passive income?
Read this full explanation of what passive income is, in order to get a full understanding of exactly what it is that we’re trying to create.

Passive Income opportunities
In this article we look at some of the best ways to create passive (or residual) income, using some different strategies you can employ.

Finding your niche
Once you’ve got an idea about how you can create your income stream, the next step is to decide exactly what market, or niche, you are going to operate in. For many people this is the most difficult step, leading to hours of agonising and indecision. Here we show you exactly how to choose your niche, even if you have no clue where to start!

Once you’ve read these, you will have a good understanding of the subject, and will be able to choose your niche.

The next step is to decide which strategy to use to create your passive income, and we’ve made it easy for you by choosing one for you!

It’s the most popular and successful strategy, used by thousands of people all over the world to build a sustainable passive income.

This free download will show you exactly how to create your first income stream:

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